Dear SpoonMoon,

You are the dream I never knew I had until recently.  I have envisioned hopes for you like a parent with a child and can’t wait to see you grow into your own. 

I can visualize the pure joy that will cultivate within your walls.  The laughing, the smiles, the smirks on our guests faces while they experience a reciprocal joy to you.  Those emotions are why you are here.  Your creation is meant to initiate a reaction from others; it may be curiosity, confidence, or transformative. 

It won’t all be jubilance, though.  You’ll have your fair share of challenges.  It’s hard staying true to yourself and following through on your morals.  You may be questioned and asked to explain your “why” often.  When you waiver, feeling defeated, know that you have strong support around you.  It’s present in physical and spiritual form at all times. 

Be courageous enough to say ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I’m sorry.’  This is new and you are igniting your own path.  Not everything will work on the first try.  You will disappoint some, but what you learn from the experience is what is imperative.  Perseverance and strength will be asked of you to hold steady and try again.  You will be offered feedback and it is your job to decipher and utilize what is necessary to improve.  

The transformations you will witness will be awe inspiring.  You will ask guests to trust in you and, in return, receive more trust than you can ever imagine.  You can never take that for granted.  Within that container of trust, the highest level of growth will occur.  You will journey with guests as they find their personal version of alchemy.  It will be breathtaking. 

Know that you are magical.  Harness your power to find the best in others, to build others up, and to intuitively guide others to their own magic.  I’m delighted to observe as you find your own alchemy of body + soul. 

Love + Light,

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