SpoonMoon is an intuitive fitness and wellness studio that harnesses the energy within us and around us, to nurture a cosmic community and to facilitate a space where the alchemy of mind, body and spirit align to enlighten, illuminate and empower all.

SpoonMoon offers the complete journey to the true self through physical body movement, holistic energy treatments, and soulful workshops. 

We honor the importance of each aspect in order to attain personal wellness.  We realize that may look different though each set of eyes and work to guide you as you discover your path.  If you’re seeking support, encouragement, diversity, and to learn, SpoonMoon is ready for you.


SpoonMoon is a collective of fitness professionals, nutrition experts and spirit guides offering a variety of wellness programming, including HIGH TIDE |high intensity| and LOW TIDE |low intensity| fitness classes, such as cycle, TRX, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. Reiki, nutritional therapy, massage, infrared sauna and other treatments are also available within our aura.

SpoonMoon strives for guests to attain the best version of themselves in alignment with their true selves. Through careful, thoughtful classes and programming we hope to offer the tools to stay in sync with your truth or your journey to seek it. We want all people to find this as a welcoming, judgement free environment to grow at your own pace. 

We recognize that each path is different and desire to cheer with you along the way! We intentionally plan our events to coincide with moon cycles and cosmic happenings to ride the wave of energy our planet’s take us on. We are a collective of spiritually charged individuals ready to manifest magic in our dreams + yours.

SpoonMoon was born out of a desire to unite our Founder + Chief Alchemist’s, Kim Evans’, passions // Fitness + Wellness.

She saw the space and need to marry physical movement for the body and preventative well care for the soul. SpoonMoon is more than a challenging workout; it provides a safe haven to explore wellness offerings that may feel unfamiliar.

Kim Evans’ extensive sixteen year background in fitness, nutrition, and research create a well rounded approach to healing from the inside out.

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