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RETRO- // 30 minutes Revolve, 15 minutes HIIT or LIIT


Electric, heart-pumping thirty minutes of Revolve paired with Crescent {retroflow}, Ignite {retrohiit}, meditation {retromind}, core {retrocore}, or boxing {retrobox} to create the perfect balance of two classes in one 45 minute session!  Depart with a sense of accomplishment in order to dominate your day! |45 minutes, 86+ degrees|

what to know // 

For your first class, please arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start so our team can privately introduce you to our space and equipment. We offer complimentary Shimano SPD clip-in cycle shoes, towel service, and ear plugs as needed. Lockers |BYOL bring your own lock| are provided to safely store belongings, and showers are available for a rejuvenating post-workout rinse.   We recommend wearing leggings or tight fitting shorts for cycle sessions and tennis shoes for our hiit formats.  Water is available for purchase.

We are grateful for each moment you choose to exchange energy with us and strive to best assist you.


Heat disclaimer:

We heat our studio rooms with a mix of forced heat and infrared heat to reach a temperature of 86+ degrees.  We encourage extra water, stepping out to breathe as needed, and closely monitoring your heart rate and body signals as you acclimate to the increased temperature over your first 2 weeks.