SpoonMoon is a safe haven for all individuals to be curious about unfamiliar wellness and fitness practices.  SpoonMoon prioritizes the need of individuality within a practice and encourages our guests to express their needs.  All fitness levels and wellness knowledge are welcomed. 

HIGH TIDE // high intensity interval

REVOLVE // cycle // Step into an unforgettable ambiance of bass pumping music in an intentionally lit space and lights dancing. Our trained Big Spoons will lead you through an exhilarating ride that unlocks new potential through high-intensity cardio mixed with strength moves all while riding on the beat.  Come with a passion to sweat and leave ready to conquer the rest of your day with a recharged body and mind. You will achieve goals you never thought possible and use minimal SPOONS to cross the finish line |45 minutes|

IGNITE // high intensity interval training // Jump into our flaming union of plyometrics + functional movements + targeted strength work where you’ll be pushed to work to the moon and back. We’ll utilize all our fitness tools and train to the beat to ensure the most efficient strength explosion |45 minutes| * all Ignite classes are functional + a full body experience.

RetroFLOW// cycle restore // Begin the practice with twenty-five minutes of Revolve where energy levels soar to the moon. We glide into restoration for the remaining twenty minutes to ensure harmony within your body + soul. This class allows for a cardio base with a recuperative ending |45 minutes|

RetroHIIT // cycle HIIT // Electric, heart-pumping twenty-five minutes of Revolve paired with twenty minutes of HIIT that will send you to the moon and back. It will rock your galaxy in all the best ways and ultimately push your SPOON limits |45 minutes|

CONNECT // mom + baby // Bond with your baby |eight weeks- nine months| while using him/her as a weighted prop for cardio + strength building. Lunges, squats, arms, core all while connecting with your baby. We’ll finish our time with baby massage to share warmth, love and gratitude for your Littlest Spoon’s hard work |45 minutes|*will be available once Covid19 protocols are lifted

GRAVITY // trx // Feed off the electric vibes in our high intensity TRX |Total Resistance eXercises| suspension training format. Full body balance, strength, and positivity are all requirements as you utilize your skills on the TRX straps suspended from our ceiling dipping into your SPOON stores only as needed |45 minutes| *all Gravity classes are functional + a full body experience

RetroMIND // cycle meditation // Intense, ultimate rush of yin and yang that is twenty-five minutes of Revolve and twenty minutes of meditation. This is the balance and offering that SpoonMoon is built on and provides a maximum SPOON conservation |45 minutes|

LOW TIDE // low intensity interval

CRESCENT // yoga // Ground yourself in the alchemy of effort and complete surrender by learning to stabilize your body through a blend of yoga sculpt |may utilize the TRX strap| rounded out with restoration |may use foam roller for myofascia release| Dive deeper with essential oil blends and intentionally curated playlists to create a celestial playground for centering the mind and body |45 minutes| 

RECHARGE // meditation // Mindfully invite positive energies into your soul as you give yourself space to meditate. Ease through guided |occasionally silent| meditation with grace in our dimly lit sanctuary. The sounds of the room will encourage pure harmony within the body and soul. Prepare to manifest your peace, harness your power, and retrieve lost SPOONS |15 minutes|


BALANCE // energetic movement // Join the power of subtle breath + steady movement to allow the universal flow of energy cascade through your practice of qigong |pronounced CHEE’-gong| Utilizing sequenced movements, this Eastern modality is popularly referred to as Chinese yoga. Eliminate deficiency and stagnation within the energetic pathways while it creating a better relationship to self, increasing efficiency, + maximizing potential |45 minutes|


Your First Experience

For your first experience, please arrive thirty minutes before class, so our Big Spoons |instructors| can privately introduce you to our safe and sacred spaces. We are here to meet and honor you where you are with modifications to guide you on your individual journey. We offer complimentary SPD clip-in cycle shoes, mats, towels and ear plugs, as needed. Lockers |BYOL bring your own lock| are provided to safely store belongings, and showers are available for a rejuvenating post-workout rinse. We are grateful for each moment you choose to exchange energy with us and strive to assist best we can.
  • High intensity interval training / HIIT
  • Low intensity interval training / LIIT
  • Spin classes
  • Exercise Bikes
  • TRX
  • Strength training
  • Agility training
  • Circuit training
  • Personal training
  • Small group training
  • Group exercise
  • Weights

Our COVID-19 Policies entail mask wearing at all times outside of the fitness studio rooms and at the wellness providers request. Temperature screens for all wellness services. Hand washing and/or hand sanitizer used upon entry. COVID-19 waiver signed by all new clients and confirmed by existing. Social distancing state recommendations apply.